LPm PRices



$1100.00 + HST


We have extended the ability to reuse the mix for up to 3 additional teams while making them custom to each team. By doing so we can cut down the overhead costs of multiple vocals for Full Custom Mixes while still allowing a significant percentage of the mix to be team specific. The cost of this is $250 (per additional team) on top of the $1100 +HST for the original mix. By doing this I can create up to...


4 custom mixes for a total cost of $2100 + HST

3 custom mixes for a total cost of $1850 + HST

2 custom mixes for a total cost of $1350 + HST


With that being said; the percent of original ’team specific' content for each additional team will be roughly 25% of the mix. 


Discounts will be determined on orders of 10 or more Full Custom Mixes purchased.





The Pre-made Custom mixes are a collection of mixes that have been fully produced with the option to make them more custom while keeping the price to suit your and any teams needs. There will only a limited number of Pre-made Custom Mixes made regardless of amount purchased - which may lead to many teams throughout the season having similar sounding mixes.

The pricing is as follows...


Pre-made mix:                                                           $400 + HST

Pre-made mix w/sfx                                                 $475 + HST

Pre-made mix w/vocals                                           $500 + HST

Pre-made mix w/ both (sfx and vocals)                $600 + HST

(sfx = sound effects)



*All prices in Canadian Dollars (CDN)